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Week 5 Interactive Defensive Matchup Tracker

CBSSports.com has always taken pride in delivering the latest news, the freshest analysis and the best tools to help you win your leagues. We take the next step in doing that with our Interactive Defense Matchup Tracker, or IDMT. It's a tool you won't find anywhere else.

We encourage all of you to use the IDMT to seek out roster issues for the upcoming week. For example, if you've got Chris Cooley and Jason Witten and can only start one tight end, this tool will make it easy for you to see who has the better matchup -- and all without you lifting a finger to do research.

The IDMT will also show you which players have good and bad schedules in front of them. For instance, check out Jay Cutler's next four games versus Kurt Warner's. If you're debating between trading for one of them, it's probably worth it to pay a little more for Cutler.

When you view running backs, you'll get their matchup data based purely on opposing run defenses, not total defenses. Same thing for quarterbacks and receivers -- their matchups against the pass are what you need to know when determining their worth, so that's what you'll get.

Click around, customize the data to your specific players and good luck in Week 5!